Friday, November 6, 2015

Virtual Drop-In / Crisis Respite - Weekly Schedule / Special Events

Hi there!  Glad you found us!  Our group call format is in transition.  If you need peer support, want to offer it, or want to learn more about either or both, please contact us:

Our basic approach to people helping people ('peer support') is summarized below, as well as a flavor of what we've offered in the past.




Join Us:

Need More Info? 

Contact:  Sarah Knutson


The Virtual Drop In/ Respite is a project of the Wellness & Recovery Human Rights Campaign,

For more information about the Wellness & Recovery Human Rights Campaign and what we stand for,

Mission/ Vision:  Human community for all states of mind

  • To create an active, vibrant 24/7 community on-call that feels like human family and advances human rights.
  • To offer a rich array of drop-in spaces for people to connect around shared values, needs and interests.

Core Values: No pros, no cops, no 911

  • We are run by and for ourselves and each other.
  • We exist to serve our own needs and values, both individually and collectively.
  • First and foremost, we are accountable to our own consciences and to each other - not to the current mental health system or its values, practices, standards or laws.  
  • We respect the expertise and right to self-determination of our members. 
  • We check our degrees and credentials at the door.
  • We participate as human beings on a human journey.  
  • Professional opinion and experience carries no special weight here - it is just the opinion and experience of other fallible, mortal human beings like ourselves.
  • We support each other's capacity for reasoning and conscience rather that substituting or imposing our own viewpoints or values. 
  • We respect and learn from the diversity of our experiences, preferences and viewpoint.
  • We work to share space and negotiate differences.
  • We stay flexible to the emerging needs of the moment, rather than imposing hard fast rules about how every group should operate all of the time.
  • We are self-funded solely by those who participate in our community.  

One Firm Rule:   

No pros, no cops, no 911.

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  1. Super job Sarah. Using Google Chrome I can put this page on my desktop as an icon, click on it and Chrome fires it up. Spectacular call tonight!