Friday, November 6, 2015

Virtual Drop-In / Crisis Respite - Weekly Schedule / Special Events




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Contact:  Sarah Knutson


The Virtual Drop In/ Respite is a project of the Wellness & Recovery Human Rights Campaign,

For more information about the Wellness & Recovery Human Rights Campaign and what we stand for,

Mission/ Vision:  Human community for all states of mind

  • To create an active, vibrant 24/7 community on-call that feels like human family and advances human rights.
  • To offer a rich array of drop-in spaces for people to connect around shared values, needs and interests.

Core Values: No pros, no cops, no 911

  • We are run by and for ourselves and each other.
  • We exist to serve our own needs and values, both individually and collectively.
  • First and foremost, we are accountable to our own consciences and to each other - not to the current mental health system or its values, practices, standards or laws.  
  • We respect the expertise and right to self-determination of our members. 
  • We check our degrees and credentials at the door.
  • We participate as human beings on a human journey.  
  • Professional opinion and experience carries no special weight here - it is just the opinion and experience of other fallible, mortal human beings like ourselves.
  • We support each other's capacity for reasoning and conscience rather that substituting or imposing our own viewpoints or values. 
  • We respect and learn from the diversity of our experiences, preferences and viewpoint.
  • We work to share space and negotiate differences.
  • We stay flexible to the emerging needs of the moment, rather than imposing hard fast rules about how every group should operate all of the time.
  • We are self-funded solely by those who participate in our community.  

One Firm Rule:   

No pros, no cops, no 911.

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  1. Super job Sarah. Using Google Chrome I can put this page on my desktop as an icon, click on it and Chrome fires it up. Spectacular call tonight!